Transworld Leasing Corp. still operates as a family-owned business founded in 1979 by Lenny Cash. After building a leasing company in Memphis from the ground up, then selling the company and having no patience for retirement, Lenny moved to San Antonio and created a company that for 45+ years is the preeminent leasing company in San Antonio and South Texas. For the first 14 years, Transworld focused its leasing efforts on oil field equipment, medical equipment and airplanes. In 1991, Transworld started leasing vehicles giving its customers options that dealer leases rarely offer.

The sales philosophies that Lenny instilled in the business still resonate today. Most importantly Transworld is always customer focused. Many clients are not only repeat customers many times over but have also become life-long friends of the Transworld family.

truck parked outdoors

Transworld Leasing specializes in open-end/unlimited mileage leases. The open-end lease allows the lessee an early termination option without penalty. Many people shy away from leasing because of the mileage restrictions that are often attached to the lease agreement. Transworld customers can drive as many miles as they wish. Transworld leases any car or truck you want, not just luxury vehicles, but those that anyone can afford. And there are tax advantages that come with leasing if you are a business owner or professional who uses their vehicle for business.

Over the last few years, supply chain issues have made finding vehicles challenging. The relationships Transworld has cultivated over the years allows them to still interact with dealerships all over the country to ensure their customers can get the vehicle they want, but that they are also getting the best price resulting in the best lease.

Need a vehicle? Consider a Transworld Leasing lease. You’ll save money on the monthly payment, get the dream car or truck you’ve always wanted, and you can drive as many miles as you want. Come and join the Transworld Leasing Family. Transworld Leasing, since 1979, leasing with customer service is our only business.